October 24, 2013 Kramer Events

Who Takes The Cake?


Cutting the wedding cake is an age-old tradition that many of us have witnessed time and time again. Over the years lovingly smearing cake across the face of your new spouse has become increasingly popular. But you question, how do we decide who takes the cake? Let your guests do it for you!

A new game has emerged that allows your guests to play a part in the cake fight festivities. The game involves two jars; one jar represents the groom and one jar represents the bride.  Guests are invited to vote for the person they would like to see “take the cake” by placing a dollar in their jar. Just before the cake cutting the jars are removed and the dollars are counted. The person with the most dollars gets smashed!

It may sound harsh but at least you can blame the guests. Also it serves as a great alternative to the traditional money a.k.a. honeymoon dance. Just be sure to let dad know so he can slip in a few extra bills.

Take a look below to see a recent bride and groom take the cake!


Cake Smashing Idea for Weddings by Kramer Events from Kramer Events on Vimeo.

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