June 3, 2010 Kramer Events

Wedding Reception Decor – Point of Interest Lighting

wedding reception decor lightingThe more we talk with other wedding professionals, the more we seem to learn about the importance of point of interest lighting. What is point of interest lighting? Well, quite simply, it’s focusing specialized lights on your features or decor so the beauty and craftsmanship can be showcased to your friends and family.Every wedding ceremony or reception is unique in its own way. Every venue has seen their site organized a plethora of ways. Each layout will have a personality of it’s own and it should match the feel and style of the bride and grooms desires.Unfortunately, the pre-installed house lighting systems can’t always cooperate.There will often be dim or dark areas, building features that are less than desirable, over-lit areas that are too bright or wash out your colors, or in the case of many outdoor venues, just plain no lights at all! Incorrect lighting can hide or erase the beauty that your hired artisans put into your place settings, floral design, bakers or chefs. You’ve chosen your vendors after carefully critiquing their design skills. Why commission their work if you cant show off their talents?Welcome to the wonderful world of lighting design. Whatever your point of interest is, perhaps your beautiful centerpieces, cake table or desert station, buffet line, guest book, seating chart, dance floor or any other piece of decor, it can be lit with the right color and amount of light allowing it to shine its lovely character. As with any craft, the sky’s the limit. Professional vendors turn no’s into yes’ and cant’s into can’s! Be sure your decor glows like the faces of your guests!wedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lightingwedding reception decor lighting