May 20, 2010 Kramer Events

Wedding Photographers and Decor Lighting

Wow. A BIG thanks to Amy Wellenkamp Photography for her insight on decor lighting. We feel the same way! Get the most out of your venue, flowers, cake and everything else you spend time, money and energy on. Here it is in her words:Robert Hall decor lighting…Melissa from Kramer Entertainment was mixen it up for the dancers on the dance floor. Check out this extravagant lighting setup by Kramer Entertainment. Robert Hall Winery is so amazing, but at night it would be such a waste if it wasn’t lit like this. So spectacular. Wherever your event may be I highly recommend adding lighting design to it. It will make the atmosphere so much more inviting and exciting, plus the photos are so rich…Robert Hall Winery Decor LightingRead the rest of her post here: