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Experience: 11 Years of Professional Experience, 27 years as a hobbyist.

Full Service Florist: Yes, Fleur-Flowers will prepare, deliver, and set up the flower arrangements on the day of the wedding.

Rentals & Requests: Vases & Candleholders available for renting and Silk flowers unavailable.

Out-of-Season: Able to provide out of season flowers upon request.

Fleur-Flowers is a floral boutique out of Paso Robles, CA. Inspired by European-styled flower markets, Fleur’s approach can be described as “natural” or “organic.” Fleur designs flowers for everyday events or special affairs such as baby showers, anniversaries, rehearsals, and weddings. Tami, owner and team leader of Fleur, pours her heart and sole into every individual design and consultation. Tami and her team have the perfect vision for your romantic and intimate wedding day.

Why Weddings by Fleur-Flowers:

“This is cliché, but each one [wedding] is really different. It’s the sum of all the parts that makes my job so great. The dynamic of the bride and groom, the venue, and the players (photographer, dj, florist, caterer) all coming together to create an atmosphere that is way greater than the sum of its parts. It never gets boring, trends come and go, but the love and creation lasts.”


Photos by Michelle Warren, Blessed Beyond Belief, Ashley Blake, Melina Wallish.

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