January 13, 2016 Kramer Events

Faces a la Mode

1601 Osos St

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 544-5729


Experience: 30 years in the business!

On Location Services:  Yes.

Most Go-To Hair Product: Bumble & Bumbles Dry Spun Finish to add texture, volume and hold!

The hair and make-up stylists at Faces a la Mode in San Luis Obispo have an amazing attention to detail. They focus on the specific wants and needs of each member of the wedding party as to get you picture perfect for your special day. They are kind, caring and always strive for perfection. Making a bride feel the way they have always dreamt of is one of their favorite reasons to get involved in bridal hair and make-up. Faces a la Mode is also open Monday through Saturday for all of your hair, make-up and esthetician needs! If you need more proof, the staff at Faces did the awesome hair and make-up for our team photoshoot!


Faces1 Faces2

Photos by Justin Jacobs

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