March 18, 2015 Kramer Events

Cake Cathedral

(805) 459-9572


Experience: 8 years professional experience.

Dietary Options Available: Yes, Gluten-free cakes available.

Popular Cake Alternatives: Cupcakes, mini cakes, and dessert buffets!

What started out as a fun, part – time hobby, turned into a serious passion and full – time business for Cake Cathedral Owner, Jenny. In an industry that continues to change with the trends, Cake Cathedral is constantly evolving and exponentially expanding to fit all the needs of every unique client they run in to. They love coming up with new designs to fit a couples wedding day vision, and have a particular love for creating wedding cake keepsakes that will last a lifetime. When it comes to quality and presentation of their cakes, Cake Cathedral sets the bar very high. They aren’t afraid of thinking outside of the box, taking risks, and design cakes that are truly works of art, making them the perfect Central Coast Wedding Vendor for perfect for your special day!



Photos By: Danielle Poff,  Mike Larson

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