December 4, 2014 Kramer Events

Toasting 101

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So you’ve been asked to make a toast? Congratulations!

It’s a huge honor to be asked to speak at someone’s wedding. It’s also a huge moment, and we at Kramer Events have some tips for you on how to do it right!


1. Introduce yourself and explain how you know the Bride and Groom

2. Mind the balance between sentimental and silly for the event you are attending.

3. Avoid the Saturday Night Sermon.

Bringing in prayers, religious passages, or deep sentiments may be appropriate for the couple and setting, but keep in mind the balance we spoke of in #2. Reading a 6 page passage might be applicable, but will often cause your audience to get lost in translation.

4. Avoid roasting the couple.

Poking fun is always a welcome feature in a toast. But making sure to know your couple, know what they can handle, and know what is appropriate for the event is key.

5. End on a positive note.

6. Time yourself before the night of the event.

Say what you need to say, express your feelings, tell your stories, but remember short and sweet is always a good rule to follow. Audiences typically lose interest after 10 minutes.

7. Make sure the end of your toast is clear.

Ask the audience to raise their glass, rise to their feet, etc. so people understand when it’s time to clink their glasses together and toast the happy couple.

8. Remember, no matter what type of toast you decide to deliver, the purpose of it is always to honor the people you are toasting. Leave them feeling good about themselves by honoring and celebrating their love and marriage.

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