February 25, 2019 Kramer Events

The Kramer Events Culture (An Inside Look)

We want to help you celebrate life by simplifying your celebration. In order to do that, we make sure our company culture is fully in line with our core values.

You may recall reading last months post which described Kramer Events core focus & company values. Here is an inside look into how our team culture speaks to these values.

What does it mean to be authentic? It means speaking up when you know you should, and sharing your opinions respectfully with your coworkers and peers. It means avoiding the toxic habit of gossip and going directly to the source of a dispute first hand.

What does an inclusive work environment look like? It looks like a group of people ranging in age, ethnicity, orientation, social standing, and beliefs all coming together with love, empathy, and understanding for one another.

What does it mean to be never satisfied? It means that you’re always learning from your successes and failures. That your thirst for knowledge and your desire to grow are unquenchable.

How does one remain humbly confident? By unquestionably knowing your worth and demonstrating your skill set without arrogance. By being vulnerable enough to learn from your mistakes, but confident enough to understand that no one is perfect and we all make them.

What does it mean to stay focused on impact? It means remaining accountable to the end and doing everything in your power to get the best results. It means taking full responsibility when you fall short and realizing that blame is futile. The show must go on!

What does it look like to be a team player? It looks like a group of people helping one another achieve their fullest potential by remaining positive and building one another up when times get challenging. It means considering your individual outcomes as a part of the larger team outcome and supporting one another through the process.

These are the values that speak to The Kramer Culture, and these are the values we want to share with our greater community.

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