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The Kramer Events Brand

kramer events brand

What drives Kramer Events?

We were recently asked by Kaitlin King at Collaboration, what drives our company and what makes Kramer Events different from other event service providers.  Melissa and I gave it much thought and here is our answer…


“Life is made up of moments in time; some good, some bad. On occasion we put together an event to celebrate the milestones in life. We invite our friends and family and we celebrate. We dance, we laugh, we reconnect, we enjoy living in the moment with the important people in our life.

However, we’ve heard stories about too many events that didn’t go as planned. Where a vendor didn’t do what they said they were going to do, didn’t show up, or just didn’t care. Where the guests of honor were so stressed they never got to enjoy their time. Events where guests couldn’t wait to leave. We’ve all attended events like these as guests and nothing frustrates us more.

What drives our company is the want to help a client celebrate those milestones in life free of stress and worry, all while have fun doing it. Planning should be easy, relaxing, and fun. On the day of the event, problems should seem like they magically disappear because your event staff is doing their job. Your mind should be focused on enjoying your time and guests, and having a blast while doing so. We, as a company, hope to instill these values to our clients, making their lives easier while we enjoy the work we get to do.”

What makes us different?

Service: We believe in white glove service from beginning to end.  Going above and beyond for our clients is a huge part of our company values. Simply meeting expectations is not enough.

Ease and convenience: Continually making planning and hosting an event easier and more fun through our KE programs and willingness to help.

Vision: We take the time to understand YOUR vision for the event first. We have the knowledge to make suggestions, but want to make sure you get the event of your dreams and that every mark is met.

Teamwork: Our team is the most important asset of our company. Each member is highly trained, tested, and mentored before they go out in the field to ensure that they have the knowledge to take care of your event. We also strive to have great working and personal relationships with them by having team bonding events throughout the year.

Accountability: We do what we say we are going to do and we own our mistakes. No Excuses.

Innovation: We are constantly looking for ways to raise the bar both in office and out in the field, hoping to raise the opinions of event professionals to our current and future clients.

Communication: Expect fast and clear communication, from every member.

Our Team: Life is too short to work a job everyday you do not love.  We want to maintain an awesome staff and give them an awesome place to work.


Our Mission is to Raise Your Expectation of Event Professionals and be an Awesome Place to Work.



Beau Kramer

Team Leader

Kramer Events, Inc.



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