September 9, 2010 Kramer Events

Tent Decor Lighting – Cliffs Resort, Shell Beach – Wedding Reception

Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach Central Coast CaliforniaIt’s not tough to see why the Cliffs Resort is such an awesome venue for a wedding ceremony and reception. The beach front views, amazing staff, fantastic food and phenomenal location are only a few reasons why they are so coveted. Their gorgeous ballroom can comfortably fit large groups and allows you to party past 10pm.But sometimes, brides and grooms want their guests to experience the beauty of the coast, front and center. For those couples, a cliffside tent may be the most desirable option.But the blank walls of a plain white tent don’t mean that you can’t have the decor of your dreams.cliffs resort tent pismo beach californiaQuite the opposite, actually. Decor lighting can “paint” each wall of your tent in the colors you’ve always wanted.Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach California wedding reception tentCliffs Resort Pismo Beach California wedding reception tentThe damask pattern wash also adds a unique touch and some added texture to the ceilings.Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach California wedding reception tentThese BEAUTIFUL Chinese lanterns from panacea event floral design really glow from the focused lighting and can be changed to any color you’d like.Cliffs Resort Pismo Beach California wedding reception tentOf course NONE of this beauty could have been shared without the help of the talented Amy Wellenkamp from Amy Wellenkamp Photography. She is ALWAYS such a joy to work with. Her smiling personality, experience in the industry and obvious talents with a camera make her a fabulous choice for all of your portraits. Check out more of her work on her website.