Tristan Fuenmayor

Say hello to Tristan, our charismatic wedding and events DJ, whose love for music dates back to his childhood and blossomed into a passion for sharing unforgettable moments with others. Embracing the opportunity to DJ at parties during high school, Tristan’s style is best described as connected, fun, and sentimental, creating a seamless blend of music that resonates with every guest.

His favorite memories as a wedding DJ are the moments when the room sings along, creating a synergy that gives him goosebumps. With over 15 years of DJing experience and a music knowledge spanning 70 years, Tristan leverages his expertise to curate unforgettable moments that connect everyone in the room with the mood of the moment.

Off-duty, Tristan enjoys connecting with people over cigars, around fireplaces, or sharing a glass of whiskey. Whether it’s through experiences or road trips, his passion for connection shines through. A fun fact about Tristan is that he had the opportunity to work with Justin Timberlake. We encourage you to ask him about it 😉

Growing up in Downey, CA, Tristan brings a unique blend of talent and experience to every event. As a full-time DJ and Production Manager for Kramer Events, he is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression. The type of music that gets Tristan on the dance floor are the anthems that people can’t help but move to or sing along, making every event a memorable celebration.