Steven Mather

No matter what I am doing, I am very detail oriented, focused on my impact, and I love to get creative whenever the opportunity presents itself. In my music, I take time to get to know the songs you want played to maximize the energy they can add to your dance floor, I’m constantly working on new ways to creatively blend songs together, and I do all I can to build song lists that everyone will want to groove to. In my announcements, I like to keep things fun but minimal enough to help keep your event running smoothly and memorably joyous.

Sticking true to my small town roots, I’m always ready to mix in a country song or some hits from the 80’s. However, I deeply love cranking the energy (and the bass) with a mix of pop music that splashes in elements of country, hip-hop, EDM, and 80s disco.

As a DJ, I love to blend music together to both tell a story and to fill a dance floor with so much energy that everyone wants to be a part of it. Whether I’m drawing from the top 100 lists or straying from it to lesser known gems, I want to be the DJ that keeps the nostalgic hits fresh, makes lesser heard songs feel familiar, and keeps the dance floor easily approachable.

Having spent countless hours in front of a microphone teaching online courses and personally enjoying public speaking, especially with a more theatrical touch, being in front of a microphone is like second nature to me. However, as an MC, I tend to favor an energetic yet minimal presence, only using the microphone as a tool to make your event even better.

While I will keep my focus on doing my absolute best as a DJ and MC, I want to do everything I can to help the team I’m working alongside to succeed at every event.