Renee Weber



Hometown: Coarsegold, CA

Fun Fact About Myself:

At my own wedding, I jumped in the pool in my wedding dress with my mom and bridesmaids. It was a really fun memory.


I love to cook! I like to get creative in the kitchen and see if I can come up with something fabulous with whatever I have on hand. I love to hike, try new restaurants, and take my kids to all the fun places in the area.

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding?

Right now, I just love Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” It makes me want to sing and dance and cry all at the same time. (Don’t worry, I won’t actually do that)

How did you get your start in the event industry?

Locally, I have worked at Edna Valley Vineyard, Courtside Cellars, and of course my own business “I Do” Weddings and Events. I got my start in events as a college intern for a wedding planner in Fresno.  I have been doing weddings and events for over 6 years.

What do you love most about being an Event Coordinator?

I started working in the event industry as a college intern. Every wedding and every family is unique, so it never gets boring. And I get to put my organizational super powers to good use!

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

I love when couples do the anniversary dance. It’s such fun celebration of marriage and I love seeing the older generations bust out their dance moves.

What general advice would you give a couple preparing for their wedding?

You spend months planning your wedding, but the actual day goes by relatively quickly. Try to soak it all in and savor each moment. And this is a lot easier to do when you can delegate and hire trusted professionals to take care of everything.


What has been your most memorable event moment thus far?

At one wedding, there was a group of 8 bridesmaids that did a rap and dance routine at the reception. It was a complete surprise to the couple and so hilarious and fun.