Rachel Lavender


Email: Rachel@KramerEvents.com


Schenectady, NY

Favorite Musical Artist:

Willie Nelson

Fun Fact about yourself: 

Schenectady is my self proclaimed home town because it’s where I went to high school, but over the last 33 years I’ve lived at approximately 50 different addresses, in roughly 30 different cities/towns, across 8 different states, including Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and California.

Also, I was in the Coast Guard for 4 years right out of High School, during which time I was a small boat mechanic, a search and rescue boat crew member, and a shipping inspector.  After the Coast Guard, I became EMT certified and went to Paramedic school, but decided against the career path because why work with people at the worst moments in their lives when you can work with them at their best?


I love the outdoors and camping and would spend all of my free time alone with my dog (maybe occasionally with my boyfriend too) in a remote location with no cell service or WiFi if I could.  I would destroy that “live without a phone for a year” challenge and have seriously considered auditioning for Survivor.  

I love art and music.  I draw, paint and sing and was in a band called “Skinny Ricky and the Casual Encounters” for four years when I lived in Santa Cruz.  

I’m addicted to Audible and love to read.   

I love writing and I love wine and I plan to take full advantage of the area by starting a hobby blog that combines my love for California wilderness with my love for California wine so that I can do all three awesome things at once.  

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events?

We have great clients, first of all.  I’ve always had a knack for customer service, but providing customer service at a company that sells fun is like a walk in the park.  People are just so stoked to be getting married that when they start planning who their DJ is, what their lighting is going to look like, and whether or not they’re going to have a photo booth, all they’re having to think about is how they’re going to be making their wedding fun and beautiful. Add to that the fact that we have an awesome team that rarely disappoints.

How did you get your start in the event industry?

When I left the Coast Guard I started working in restaurants, which eventually led to working events from the hospitality and catering side of things.  I worked at the Pasatiempo Golf Course in Santa Cruz where we did 2 weddings a weekend without fail throughout wedding season and 2-holiday parties a weekend in the offseason, with golfing and private events mixed in between.  

I also gained a great deal of event knowledge from the entertainment end of things playing with my band and singing with other bands.  I performed at weddings, public events, birthdays, and non-profits.

Lastly, when I have time, I’m big into fundraising and I’ve personally planned non-profit fundraising events for both friends in need and for the benefit of charities.

What general advice would you give a couple preparing for their wedding?

Before you do any planning decide on two things; how do you want to feel on the day of your wedding, and how do you want your guests to feel by the end of the day?  What are your top priorities?  Do you want the best food ever, do you want the music and entertainment to leave people feeling like they just left the best party of their lives, or do you want your wedding to be visually out of this world?  Once you decide on your priorities you can easily decide how much of your budget you’re wanting to allocated to each priority and you can choose your vendors accordingly.  Once you’ve done that, pick vendors that have heart and care about your wedding; it’s a sure sign they’re going to put the same care and attention into what they produce on the day of.  Then, hand all of your vendor information off to a damn good coordinator and show up to your wedding ready to live in the moment.  Don’t skimp on the coordinator.