Paul Escalera

I got into mixing when I was in college and would play at friends’ parties. It was a great way to get everyone excited and dancing the night away, which I loved. As far as being an MC, I am a former Skipper of Walt Disney’s World Famous Jungle Cruise and learned a lot while taking guests on an adventure across the rivers of the world. I love working in the wedding and events industry for a culmination of reasons. Being a musician and having a passion for music is something I enjoy sharing with others. At my weddings and events, I take my client and their guests on a journey by carefully selecting music that keeps people engaged and entertained. Also, being a major component of someone’s big day tugs at my heartstrings and inspires me to perform at a top level. I want them to go home with a smile and a night to remember.

In order for me to consider my events successful, I ask myself these questions: did I deliver what the client expected and also go above and beyond to make their night memorable; did I handle any issues that came up in a way that kept the client and their guests unaware of an issue having occurred; and if my client was to have another event, would they call me for return service? I always keep in mind my client’s experience and ensure I’m performing at a high level. The interactions I have with my clients are everything and I often draw on my experience with Disney to ensure an outstanding client experience.

Being a part of such a great team is what allows our events to go so well. As a lead, I recognize a team member’s strengths and delegate tasks to them that I know they can excel at. Working with Kramer, I’ve come to love the team spirit and the excitement that comes with delivering a quality product to our clients. Here, I’m not just a number but a member of a team that strives to be the best at what they do. One team. One Dream.

Though I may seem mellow when working in the background, the moment I get on the mic or behind the Dj console, the entertainer comes out and its game on! I throw in a little bit of Disney flair to make the evening that much better; I’m talking about the great customer service which puts my clients at ease knowing their event is in good hands. Whether I’m just leading one other person or an entire team, I ensure all working parts are in motion and that nothing is ever overlooked.