Nick Malizia

When it came to becoming a DJ/MC it was a no-brainer for me because I love music! I was always the person at the party with the iPod putting different songs on all night and exposing people to good music that they weren’t aware of. Combining my love of music and my ability to make people laugh and enjoy themselves is what makes the wedding and events industry the perfect atmosphere for me to work in; and my four years of experience doing stand-up comedy has made getting in front of large crowds an easy task and something I enjoy; I like making people feel welcome so they can relax and have a great time!

I genuinely love being a part of a couple or groups’ special day and I’ll do whatever I can to help make their vision for their event come true. I have done so many different kinds of weddings during my time with Kramer Events; crazy dance party vibes, to mellow social gatherings, to intimate weddings – I can mold myself into any kind of MC/DJ my client needs and always do so with a smile!

As an event professional, it’s important to realize that things are not always going to go exactly as planned. I pride myself in being able to make changes at the last minute while maintaining full composure so my clients and their guests never know anything is wrong. It really helps when you have a solid group of coworkers by your side. When everyone is working on the same page – Coordinator, Photographer, DJ etc. – and we are all striving for the same goal of making the event a success, things flow much smoother. Everyone at Kramer has a positive attitude and loves what they do so it never feels like work when I’m with other team members.

I think what makes me stand out as a DJ/MC is the unique way I interact with people at my events. I am an easy to work with, go-with-the-flow kinda guy. I know how to make people laugh and have a good time without taking the spotlight away from the couple. I am the full package deal, whether I’m on the mic or mixing some tunes, you and your guests are sure to be having a great time. You might even catch me on the dance floor!