Nawal Kassir

Marketing Associate

Hometown: Paso Robles, CA

Favorite Musical Artist: Jack Johnson

Three things you cannot live without: My family, my husband and my children are my biggest motivators. My camera – I feel as though it is an extension of my eyes/mind at this point. Nature – I find my energetic renewal when I take the time to be alone with nature’s elements.

Why did you become a photographer? 

I have been passionate about photography since the age of twelve when I first stumbled upon my mother’s old 50mm Pentax camera, tucked away from her college days in the 80s. She gave it to me and purchased several rolls of film for me to experiment with and I became captivated by my sudden ability to capture all the intriguing people and things I saw in the world. Photography became a tool of exploration and I delved into it wholeheartedly, holding my camera close wherever I went for the majority of my teenage years. My first serious career aspiration was to become a traveling photojournalist, telling real life stories in a meaningful way with the images I captured.

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events?

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of a team that genuinely cares about helping the people they serve bring their vision for their wedding or important event to life. I feel honored each time I have the opportunity to document the unfolding of such special moments in time, and nothing beats the joy that comes with watching people light up at the sight of the images that have captured some of the most magical moments in their lives.

How would you describe your photography approach? 

When photographing weddings and special events, I take a very meticulous and journalistic approach, being mindful of even the smallest details. I want to capture the essence of the day and the unique story being told by the people who have poured their heart into making the event special. As soon as I arrive I begin paying close attention to who is around me and what their role has been in shaping the event, and though these gatherings can be very fast paced and hectic, I do my best to truly see people and capture the original spark each one exudes into the world. My passion lies in capturing the unique beauty in people and the things they create, whether it be a bouquet of flowers, a well thought out table arrangement, or most importantly the love that two people create together. These are the elements that make someones event unmistakable and these are the things that will be looked back on and cherished for a lifetime.

Favorite moment to capture at a wedding?

The natural interactions amongst people, those quiet little moments that I can sneak into without yet being detected. That, and the details. All the beautiful touches of creativity that emerged from a unique group of people working in unison to plan an event.