Miles Ross

Miles is a master of the mix and one of our strongest technical mixing DJs.  He even has started to produce his own music and mixes.  And if you want strong EDM sets included in your event, he’s the right DJ for you!  

Miles is great when you don’t want a DJ to overuse the microphone.  He prefers to be a relaxed / low key MC and a minimalist on the microphone.  Then when it come to dancing , he helps turn your event into a club of incredible dance sets.

His drive to become a DJ began when he started going to festivals; once he experienced being in the crowd and seeing how happy you can make others as a DJ behind the turntables, he knew he wanted to be one as well. 

To Miles, an event is successful when the day progresses smoothly – timelined events stay on track, minimal stress, and a couple/client who has a great time throughout the entire event and keeps dancing until the very end. His top priority is making sure everyone who attended the event has fun and goes home with a night to remember.  

Call him detail oriented meets incredible music mixer!