Miles Ross

My drive to become a DJ began when I started going to festivals; once I experienced being in the crowd and seeing how happy you can make others as a DJ behind the turntables, I knew I wanted to be one as well. Becoming an MC was a pleasant surprise and being a DJ/MC for weddings and events is perfect because I enjoy getting people on the floor dancing and having fun.

To me, an event is successful when the day progresses smoothly – timelined events stay on track, minimal stress, and a couple/client who has a great time throughout the entire event and keeps dancing until the very end. My top priority is making sure everyone who attended the event has fun and goes home with a night to remember.

Working at Kramer Events is great because everyone cares a lot about one another and has fun while we work. We all go into an event as a team and succeed as a team; it’s great to know that I can continue to learn and grow in a positive team environment.

The thing that sets me apart from the other DJ’s is that I have a very relaxed personality and I’m more into mixing music than using the mic; that is not to say that I won’t get on the mic when needed, but music is my passion and playing sets that everyone loves is what I strive for. I am punctual and professional and always available to help out in whatever ways I can to make an event even better. As your DJ/MC, you can count on me to keep things on time and fun while I remain low key in the background doing my thing.