Miles Ross



Hometown: Sonora, California 

Favorite Musical Artist: Fedde le Grand 

Hobbies: DJing, listening to music, hiking, going on day trips to the beach, attending as many concerts as possible.

Why did you become a DJ? 

First of all music has been in my whole family, I grew up on it and I love it. Then, when I realized how happy you can make others as a DJ behind the turntables I wanted to be one myself. 

Whats your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? 

The Team. Everyone cares a lot about each other and has fun while we work. 

Whats your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why? 

This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan. I have liked that song since I was a kid and have great memories with it myself. Plus people love it when it plays at the weddings and it’s always one to pack a dance floor.

What should every couple know before meeting with their wedding DJ

A couple needs to know what their favorite music is, and what they want to hear during their wedding. Also what type of music will be best suited for the guests will help me figure out how to keep music to a wedding vision. Lastly, a couple should know we are professional partiers and will do our best to make their wedding awesome! 

What general advice would you give a couple preparing for their wedding? 

Relax and try your best not to stress about it coming together! 

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