Mary Allegretta-Butler


Hometown: Leominster, MA

Favorite Musical Artist: Matthew West

Hobbies: Spending time outdoors with my son and husband, spin classes, bible studies, Pinterest, watching reality TV shows, and anything wedding related!


Why did you become an Event Coordinator? 

I always wanted to to be an event planner. I actually had started my career early in life heading in the direction of being a funeral planner instead but decided to take a break from school and took a job working the front desk at a hotel which held many weddings and events. I would see and hear all of the fun everyone was having and I was drawn to the beauty of it all. I believe this was the path God wanted me to go down because I soon was given a position in the event department and it all took off from there!  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the  final product (the wedding day) after spending months, even years with a couple planning the big day down to the very last detail. There is absolutely nothing like seeing the look on the couples face when they see each other for the very first time, when they see all the details come together and look at the wedding space for the first time, when they share their first dance and have their special dance with their parents. All of these memorable “firsts” are shared with me! I find it mind blowing and humbling that I am trusted to be part of one of  the most important days of their lives! Every element of the event is as meaningful to me as it is to the couple. There is something very magical and moving about seeing  parents, grandparents, relatives and friends all gathering together in one place to celebrate the union of two special people and that I can look back at the end of the day knowing I helped make this day happen. I became a coordinator because this is what I am meant to be. This is the gift that I have been blessed with!

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? 

I have held various roles in the wedding and event industry from event planner to venue manager, event server and list goes on and on…. In each of these positions, one thing remains the same when it came to working with Kramer Events, that I always was in good hands. I am impressed with their professional and well-trained staff that always goes above and beyond their job duties and the fun atmosphere that they can create through the lighting, music and special touches.

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why?  

Someone Like You by Van Morrison. I don’t hear it often, it’s kind of ole school and sappy but, the words speak volumes on every level. Its pretty much the quintessential love story of most couples (to wrap it up in a nutshell) they were looking for a soul mate, they found each other and now looking forward to moving forward in future together. A simple song but brings me to tears every time I hear it.

What general advice would you give a couple preparing for their wedding?  

Hire a coordinator! Haha. No really, you can’t do this alone and your family and friends want to be able to enjoy and participate in the big day by your side not running around. Leave it to a professional who can guide you along the way and help straighten out any “Kinks” especially on the day of the wedding.

Describe your wedding coordination style:

If you are to look up the definition of coordination you will see a description along the lines of ‘the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively.’

This indeed explains how my coordination style is. I take pride in keeping a complex activity, such as a wedding organized! I am not one to boast of how creative I am. I would never dare use my name and the name Martha Stuart in the same sentence other than to say how I am the exact opposite. I’m not one to try out a new DIY project on Pinterest, even one of the most simple! I don’t have a room full of craft items in my house and I certainly would never try to call myself a “David Tutera” and say I can create your wedding vision if you tell me 5 things about yourself.  I honestly can say, I do not have a creative bone in my body. But what I CAN say is I will execute everything on your special day to exactly how you envisioned it to be and how you so carefully planned and that my coordination style is strictly ensuring that I keep every little detail pertaining to your wedding in order so that leading up to your wedding day and on the day of, no element of the big day has been missed and you can confidently enter your wedding knowing that you have nothing to worry about.

I focus on making sure all of your vendors know what is required of them and make sure that they have all the pertinent information from you to ensure that they are able to do their jobs correctly. I strive for going above and beyond your expectations and putting everything together so that when you sit back and think about how the wedding went, you think, “Wow! How could I have done that without her?” Lol!


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