Liz Holman


Hometown: Paso Robles/Templeton

Favorite Musical Artist: Depends on the day. I’ve always said “my dad’s music” (Tom Petty, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, some Reggae, some Beatles). But I can’t deny good country classics and secretly songs that make me belt out notes that I’ll never get close to hitting. I can thank my sister for that but she actually hits the notes.

What’s your fave part about working with Kramer Events? The teamwork. The team challenges you, builds you up, helps you if you’re starting to sink and really does what they can to help each other be successful.…Oh, and they’re fun.

Why do you love the wedding industry? I love how hard everyone works to make someone’s (someone they basically just met) day so special. Every single event is equally important and special. I like making people happy and it’s fun to be around people that feel the same way.

Favorite moment at a wedding? There isn’t just one moment because I think every wedding is different. I love watching genuine interactions, whether it’s between the couple or with guests, the people that matter most to them.

How would others describe you? I actually had to ask people about this one: Dependable, loves people, humble, dedicated, fair, takes pride in her work & intuitive.