Jake Bauer

A local surf aficionado, Jake is from the Central Coast and enjoys all that it has to offer. Music and adventure are his MO. His favorite travel adventure has been ziplining on the side of an active volcano in Costa Rica, while South Africa has been his favorite trip abroad, with remarkable people, land, and of course – the surf is righteous. Jake is active in local community organizations like Sierra Service Project and Operation Surf.

Jake naturally makes friends wherever he is, is extraordinarily adaptable, and probably possesses the most positive mindset of anyone we know. Jake’s positive point of view was a major guiding light for the entire team through COVID as we developed an adjusted business strategy and approach. These attributes make him a skilled and valuable member of our team, always going the extra mile to ensure things work well. He is especially appreciative of the many people he’s met in the industry who have become friends. Of course, his favorite movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail!