Dustin Ward

I began my career as a DJ/MC purely by chance. Since my early 20s, I’ve enjoyed a career in real estate so I’ve never had to look for another job. I stumbled upon the Kramer Events job listing for a DJ/host MC and the description caught my eye, to say the least. I thought, not only does this sound super fun, but it seemed to be the perfect fit for me with my outspoken personality and a love for music that is passionate and vast. From that moment on, I have felt as though being a DJ/MC is my life’s calling.

I feel so blessed to be working in the wedding and events industry. I get to be a part of the two biggest decisions that a person will make in their life – buying a home and getting married. There is something so rewarding about influencing my clients’ lives in a positive way.

I always go above and beyond the call of duty. My clients’ experience is important to me and I consider an event successful when I am able to take the vision and dream of our client and make it become a reality. My versatility in style and vast knowledge of music genres dating back to the 40s allows me to cater to my clients’ preferences. In addition to that, I’m caring, fun, and well spoken and I want nothing more than to raise the bar as an event professional which is why I fit in so well at Kramer Events.

My style of leadership is to be both a team leader and a team player, and that’s exactly how the Kramer team is; we are all in it together, and this is why our events go so smoothly.