Dustin Ward

Host MC / DJ

Hometown: Templeton, California

Favorite musical artist? There are too many artists and too much music that I love to favor just one.

Why do you like working for Kramer Events? A million reasons — just to mention a few, Kramer Events has the core values that I believe in, Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Positivity, quality, and Teamwork. The “Kramer way” is to go above and beyond, which in turn makes my job extremely rewarding.

What’s your favorite part when it comes to working events? Witnessing true love and devotion

How would your friends describe you? Caring, fun, confident, versatile, intelligent, well spoken, a perfectionist & a team player.

Describe an experience you won’t forget while working an event with Kramer Events: We had a fantastic time hosting a walk-a-thon at one of our local elementary schools which brings me to an unforgettable experience — doing the Cupid Shuffle with the kids on the track and field.