Conor McQueen

My interest in becoming a Dj was sparked over 10 years ago out of a culmination of my love for music and a desire to go out with friends. I wasn’t much of a dancer but still enjoyed the party scene and was already quite familiar with the performing arts. I began performing on stage at the age of sixteen and started working in theatre as a music director and composer at the age of nineteen. When I began working in the wedding and events industry, I realized that the intricate nature of it fit perfectly with my personality type.

I am extremely detail oriented, which you need to be to pull off a successful event. It’s all about preparation so that the wedding or event is fluid and organic. It’s important to me that each of my clients enjoys their event completely stress-free; as an MC, I work in sync with the coordinator and other vendors to ensure the night runs smoothly.

Working with Kramer Events makes this easy as we work collectively as a team with the common goal of making people happy on one of the biggest days of their lives. The family values within the company create a positive and productive atmosphere which makes Kramer Events one of the best event companies on the Central Coast. 

When everyone working the event is in unison, it allows me to focus on the important role I play as an MC throughout the event. I set the tone of the wedding through my presentation on the mic. My main focus is on gaining the trust of the audience so that I can easily transition them from one event to the next. I run a tight ship and as a result, my events are fluid and concise, leaving room for plenty of fun once the music starts. Some of my favorite tuns to mix are along the lines of Funkytown/DaftPunk/90’s Hip Hop/Prince. I always strive to keep my client and their guests dancing until the very end of the party; my goal is to hear people saying its the best event/wedding they have ever been to.