Chandler Gietzen

There is nothing better than finding a profession that allows you to have fun and get paid to do the hobbies you’re most passionate about, and that is what DJ’ing/MC’ing has been for me. I first got into this line of work because I wanted an opportunity to combine my background in music with my interpersonal communication skills. I got hooked on the wedding and events industry when I realized how fun and rewarding it is to bring the party to weddings with my music.

If you’re at one of my events to have a good time, we’ll get along just fine! As an MC, I am going to do whatever it takes to build a connection with the attendees throughout the course of the evening; my goal is to be everyone’s friend by the end of the night. This connection is really important when it comes to the DJ’ing portion of the event as I am able to read the crowd and see what music and methods work and which I should avoid. I am thoroughly invested in my client’s experience. I plan my sets meticulously based on music passed onto me by my clients and prepare extensively so I can fulfill their vision to the best of my ability.

Working at Kramer Events makes it easy to focus on what really matters to my client in way of performance from their DJ/MC. Teamwork really does make the dream work, as everyone has a specific role to play in making the process of preparing and executing an event as seamless as possible. Having a solid team behind me that I know I can count on takes away a lot of stress and allows me to be the best at what I do.

I think what makes me stand out as a DJ/MC is the unique perspective I bring to the table. As a 20-something college student, I have an energetic and outgoing vibe combined with a sense of up-and-coming professionalism. I am wildly successful with clients and crowds under 35, yet my music knowledge and background allow me to draw on genres not commonly listened to by people my age. I love playing songs that everyone likes and you can be sure I’ve built a comprehensive song list that will get any age group out on the dance floor. My outgoing demeanor and willingness to get in the trenches next to coworkers, vendors, or whoever needs a hand and lead by example creates an atmosphere of collaboration and makes my events fun and stress-free.