Brent Monistere

Currently in the active duty Air Force at Vandenberg as an instructor, Brent has been a DJ in his free time for at least 20 years – he loves it! He enjoys meeting people, being part of a team, and consistently honing his skills.

Brent loves to connect with people through music, giving them a reason to get on the dance floor and appreciate life while celebrating love. Brent thrives on learning and sharing his accumulated knowledge with others who will also learn. The natural teacher that Brent is, he can interpret where people are and share something exciting that they have not seen or known before.

While Brent has twenty-plus years of DJ experience, he continues to learn new technology, and mixing skills. Brent’s signature DJ move at a wedding – getting to know the people he announces just a little before announcing them.

When Brent is not teaching or spinning tunes, he enjoys hanging out with his family – always with the music ON!