Brandon Berguia

A Central Coast native, Brandon loves being part of an industry centered around celebrating the love of two people. A genuinely fantastic guy, he is highly skilled at mixing and has spent a ton of time developing dynamic remix playlists and quick mixing ability. He puts his heart into things and has a passion for the art of spinning music. Brandon is well on his way to becoming one of the best DJs on the coast in a short time – as his genuinely positive customer feedback indicates.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys fitness and working out, studying and investing in the stock market, and spending QT with his family. The first album Brandon ever bought was 50 Cent- Get Rich or Die Tryin, his love of music is apparent in his pure enjoyment of setting up a dance party where people can let loose for a few hours, dancing and having fun. His broad appreciation for many music genres allows him to connect with different crowds easily, tapping into what motivates groups to dance and enjoy the moment.

A big foodie, Brandon digs the food scene in downtown SLO, loves getting involved in church projects and honing his DJ skills, and geeking out on music with members of the KE team.

We are incredibly grateful to have Brandon as a member of our team. His willingness to help out and strive toward excellence is noticeable to his team members and the professionals that work with him at weddings and events.