Brandon Berguia

Born and Raised in Arroyo Grande, I was always around music growing up, specifically 70’s and oldies! Music was always in my blood and that’s one reason i love DJ’ing.

I am a DJ because i love serving others through music. Being able to help people let loose and escape for the night is the biggest honor!

I am a quick mixer. For those who don’t know what that means, it means that I like to get in and out of songs relatively quickly (depending on the song of course) and keep the dance floor going. No one wants to dance to the same song for 4-5 minutes. My DJ’ing strengths would be my mixing ability and reading the crowd. Knowing WHAT, WHEN, and HOW to play it. Music selection and mixing is what makes me unique. I love playing tasteful mashups and remixes that everyone knows.

I approach MC’ing tactfully. I am not someone who is going to be talking on the mic all night and bringing attention to me. BUT, I do communicate clearly and on time when it comes to important announcements. If there isn’t a reason for me to be speaking, I won’t be on the mic. Being authentic as an MC is my strength. I love being able to get on the mic, smile, and be myself.