October 3, 2019 Kramer Events

Team Member Spotlight – Alex Blume


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alex, the photo booth guru of the central coast.  We are incredibly excited to have him on our team.  He’s a fantastic person and incredibly skilled.  He’s got a background in technology, and training people on customer service.  He’s exactly the leader we were hoping to find.  We literally opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the day he came on board (true story).

Since he joined us in May he’s been upgrading our photo booth division and expanding what we are able to offer.  He’s recently launched our new photo mosaic system and is starting to engineer future photo booth upgrades we’ll be bringing to our customers soon.  
But more than anything, love his values and the human element he brings to the team.  He exudes every one of our core values and adds to the Kramer culture.  He makes our team and myself better for being with us.

Thanks for all that you do Alex!

Beau Kramer
Team Leader