April 2, 2019 Kramer Events

Team Member Spotlight

Meet Leo, 
One of the reasons our events go well is because of the behind the scenes work of our very own Leo Ontiveros.  He came to us last year and had quickly become one of our lead AV techs and Photo Booth leads.  Leo now serves the Kramer Team as our operations assistant and my right-hand operations man.  
He oversees the warehouse and our equipment, does our site checks, and manages our setups and strikes for our events.  He’s also our “Just in case” guy in the warehouse every Saturday in case one of the many events we do needs extra assistance or one of our team members are sick and can’t make their event.  He’s our Peace of mind.
Leo is a great example of all of our core values.  But what I respect most about Leo is his “Get it done” mentality.  He’s a great dude who challenges those around him to step up to the plate and deliver.  It inspires me to be working alongside such a hard worker who wants to see something become excellent and not wanting to settle.  It’s really cool watching Leo develop before my eyes into a leader.
Stoked to have Leo on board and I know our Kramer Team is as well.  Thanks for helping us put on really cool events and do what we love!
Beau Kramer
Team Leader
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