August 13, 2019 Kramer Events

Team Member Spotlight


This month we wanted to show some appreciation to one of our full time staff members, our Warehouse Tech Brian Howard! Brian keeps our warehouse up to date and organized so our events can function properly! With all the new inventory we have been introducing, Brian has managed to find a place for it all and do it with a smile. When Brian isn’t busy assisting Beau in the warehouse, designing lighting installations, and assisting our DJs in the field, you can find him surfing the Central Coast.

One of our Core Values here at Kramer Events is to be a Team Player,  and we’re lucky to have found someone who embodies that attitude. When under pressure,  Brian helps lead others to the finish line.  He truly understands that the show must go on, no matter the circumstance! 

We are so grateful to have Brian on board with us, and to see him grow!


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