March 11, 2015 Kramer Events

Save Big on the SLO Spectacular Spring Bridal Show!

Central Coast Bridal Show

Central Coast Bride is hosting it’s annual SLO Spectacular Spring

Bridal Show and Kramer Events has a deal for you!


What’s the deal?

Central Coast Bride in partnership with Kramer Events is offering our brides $3.00 off tickets for the April 19th SLO Bridal Show!


What does that mean?

For the upcoming Bridal Show, Brides associated with Kramer Events will receive an additional $1.00 discount off of all of the bridal show tickets they purchase online!

This is in addition to the $2.00 they already save by buying their tickets online, in general! This amounts to a total of $3.00 off of the $5.00 Groom  and $10.00 General Admission entry fee.

This brings down the groom’s ticket from $5.00 down to just $2.00 and all other tickets in the bride’s party from $10.00 down to just $7.00!


How do you take advantage of this awesome deal!?

When purchasing your tickets, enter in the code ‘Kramer‘ in the special code section to receive your discounted price!


When: Sunday, April 19, 205

Time: 12-4pm

Where: Alex Madonna Expo Center

Tickets: $10 a person, or $15 for couples (without discount code)

Don’t forget to fill out a registration form!


We look forward to seeing you at the SLO Spectacular Spring Bridal Show!