April 18, 2016 Kramer Events

Sarah & Travis

This past Saturday was an amazing day as we again had the privilege of working with an amazing and fantastic couple from Orange County. With stormy weather and consistent rain threatening to postpone the engagement shoot, fate won out and the skies opened up for a 3 hours of beautiful cloudy skies and a jaw dropping sunset. Sarah and Travis were nothing short of a blast and their genuine love for one another was so evident. The Coast was beautiful and Montana De Oro could not have been more picturesque and perfect. The shots we got were stunning and again, we felt so privileged to be working with such an amazing couple.
We love what we do.
 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-2 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-8

Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-13Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-25 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-26 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-28 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-31 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-36 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-40 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-45 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-52Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-60 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-66 Sarah_Travis_Engagements_2016-69

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