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Rain on your Wedding Day? Don’t Panic!

Rain on your Wedding Day? Don’t Panic!

As Winter draws to an end, many couples are busy planning their bright and beautiful Spring Wedding on the Central Coast, and there is no question as to why. With the breathtaking landscapes of San Luis Obispo County in full bloom, a Central Coast Wedding in the Spring can look like a dream. However, the necessary component for the emergence of color and life is rain, so what do you do if it comes down on your Wedding Day?

Not to worry, with insight from seasoned Central Coast Wedding Coordinators on the Kramer Events team, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can be employed to brighten up a dreary Wedding Day.

Be Prepared

When you spend countless amounts of time and energy planning all the details of your outdoor wedding, the thought of something as unpredictable as rain being a factor can feel intimidating; but the more you prepare ahead of time by envisioning rain as a possible scenario, the more ready you will be to deal when/if it occurs. Talk with your chosen venue ahead of time. Figure out what they can offer for indoor alternatives if the rain is relentlessly approaching the time of the Ceremony. Renee Webber, an experienced Central Coast Wedding Planner says, “I have done weddings where the reception tables were rearranged to create an ‘aisle’ when the ceremony had to be moved indoors last minute” – sometimes a little creative ingenuity is needed.  Similarly, talk with your chosen vendors about your concerns regarding the rain, making them aware of the possibility will get them thinking about problem-solving solutions as well. Make rain preparation a part of the detail planning process. Purchase clear umbrellas and colorful rain boots for yourself and your wedding party. Coordinate the rain gear with the overall colors and theme of your wedding so you don’t feel disappointed if you have to break them out. Most importantly, have a support system. Having a skilled wedding coordinator at your side can alleviate a lot of wedding day stress when it comes to rain. They have been there before and know how to deal. If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, be sure to delegate the responsibility of making the final call to someone trusted so things get handled and you can continue enjoying your special day.

Don’t Panic

In the days and weeks leading up to your wedding day, following the weather can be a daunting task. Try not to panic, often times rain on the forecast means little more than a few intermittent sprinkles. Have your “Plan B” and time frame for making the switch to indoors handy, but don’t change everything right away just because the skies are grey. A lot can be done on your wedding day to work around the rain when it is coming down. For group photos and portraits, you can utilize well lit indoor settings, entryways, and large covered patios to capture gorgeous natural light images. Keep cakes and other decor indoors until the last minute so they remain dry and put together. Remember that perspective is key. Sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control, but we have full authority over the way we react to stressful situations. The calmer everyone can remain, the more likely they are to continue thinking resourcefully. Avoid the snowballing effect negativity can produce.

Embrace it 

Ok, so say it happens, it rains on your wedding day. Is this ideal? No. Is it the worst thing that could happen? Definitely not! Try to let go of your need to have everything just as you envisioned it and embrace the day for what it is. Throw on those sparkly rain boots you picked out, grab a clear umbrella and go make some unforgettable memories with the ones you love! Who knows, maybe you will get a break in the rain and get some amazing once in a lifetime photos out of the situation. San Luis Obispo Wedding Coordinator Liz Holman from Kramer Events relayed a story in which rain happened and the outcome was very positive thanks to the couple and wedding party’s ability to enjoy themselves despite the change in circumstances.

“I was once a part of a wedding where it unexpectedly rained. Everyone was so tense until the Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party fully embraced this “disaster” and had fun with it. Once the guests saw how much fun they were having, they bought in too. The pictures were incredible – you could tell how much fun everyone was having. It was definitely one of the most memorable weddings I have seen”

Life is unpredictable and planning a wedding gets no exemption from that. The very best thing you can do is have a great team of people surrounding you so you feel confident to handle whatever storm gets thrown at you.


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