September 30, 2009 Kramer Events

No Power.. No Problem. Kramer Team to the resue.

Imagine spending all that time planning your wedding.  Imagine your cocktail hour coming to an end and all your guests are starting to head over to the reception.  Just then, the power goes out all over town.  You’ve got a dark room, no music, and guests ready to come in and eat dinner.  Not what you were expecting.

In 13yrs of business we’ve never faced this situation until Friday September 18 at Cambria Pines Lodge, when, because of a car accident several miles away, the power went out for 2hrs.  With the room only lit by a few decorative candles, everybody wondered what would happen.

It turns out, we had a special power generator that allowed us just enough power to power our DJ system.  Also, because our new LED lights have extremely low power draw, we had enough power to power one light that we shined in the center of the ceiling allowing everyone to see.  The night turned out to be an incredible party and later the lights finally came back on.  The next day we purchased one of the power generators for each DJ system that our DJs use.  No power, no problem.

While the whole town was without power

While the whole town was without power, we were dancing

Thanks to Patrice for making everything go off without a hitch, even without power.  Also thanks to the Cambria Pines staff who, armed with flashlights, presented an incredible meal on time.  I still don’t know how they did it so smoothly.  Thanks for helping to making Megan and Brent’s wedding everything they’ve always wanted, with or without power.

Our guest rapper rocks the house

After power came back

After power came back - Girls vs. Guys showdown

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