December 5, 2018 Kramer Events

Photo Booth Farewell, Office Space Style

Photo Booth Farewell, Office Space Style

At Kramer Events, we highly prioritize regular team hangouts in which our team can get together and simply have fun. Each month we try to do something a little different and this month we had a great idea that put our team’s creativity and collaboration to use. We have been innovating our photo booth department for some time now and one of the key changes we have made is replacing our old Classic photo booth with a new and improved model. 

Over the years, our Classic photo booth has provided our clients with priceless memories, and for that we are glad, but as all our vetted photo booth attendants know, the thing was an absolute monstrosity to carry around and set up at events. We are happy to say we have upgraded to something far more modern, sleek and efficient, so we had to send our old classic out with a bang – literally!  

Most of you are familiar with the iconic scene from the movie Office Space, in which three disgruntled employees take their faulty office printer out into a field and obliterate it; well, the Kramer Events team decided that a remake of that scene was in order for our official farewell to the old Classic Booth. ENJOY! 

Photo Booth Smash for Kramer Website Final from Kramer Events on Vimeo.

Learn more about our new and improved photo booth!

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