June 6, 2019 Kramer Events

New “Worry Free” Ceremony Sound System

When many people think of speakers and sound for a wedding, they think of the dancing, the entertainment, and the DJ.  And yes that’s a large part of it.  In fact, most DJ companies focus their main equipment around what’s needed for dancing. 
But the part that’s the most emotional, the most cherished, the most remembered is that moment where you are saying your lifetime vows to each other during the ceremony.  The reality is that most DJ companies don’t focus on making this ceremony sound system perfect
We’ve all been to wedding ceremonies where you can’t hear the officiant or the wedding couple.  Or the microphone keeps cutting in and out.  You’ve felt disconnected, distracted, and in some cases bored.  How would the couple feel if they knew that’s what their guests were experiencing?
Some of us have been to a wedding ceremony where you can hear every word, are on the edge of your seat, and you feel the emotion that the couple and the family are experiencing.  You feel part of something special and are sharing in the moment.  
The difference is the ceremony sound system that was used.  Most sound / DJ companies don’t invest in great microphones party because they are expensive and they’ve already invested so much in their main dancing system.  And most don’t come with 2 microphones.

At Kramer Events, we are changing this!

We now use crystal clear top of the line Shure QLX microphones that don’t cut out.  They are the microphones a touring band would use at a concert.  You’ll have 2 of them, one on your partner and one on your officiant.  You’ll also have 2 award winning QSC speakers.  Our sound tech / DJ will ensure every word, including your vows, is heard crystal clear.
We are so confident that your ceremony will be “Worry Free” from sound that we are now offering a money back guarantee.  
Let your guests enjoy and fully experience your wedding ceremony.


Beau Kramer
Team Leader