6 Steps To

Marketing on LinkedIn

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air! 

Thinking about where we are in the year in terms of marketing effort, I think about the holidays and booking holiday services. Wedding booking season will be hitting hard starting in mid-November – April. So do have your ducks lined up on that front including updated websites, gorgeous images on your IG feed, digital and print marketing collateral. A drip effort to your incoming inquiry data base should be in the works too, as the “kicking tires” part of the season is about to wind down into more serious inquiries, or people ready to book. Many of you will already have a great start on the 2020 season, so fine tune your efforts now to fill the last spots on your calendar.  

But here’s a new opportunity that you should be thinking about – probably one of the most pertinent emerging channels in almost all markets is LinkedIn. You personally may have a LinkedIn profile, but does your business have a LinkedIn Company Page? Add this to your list of things to get started on TODAY – for the “why”, read through to the end.

Yes, your wedding target market is absolutely on LinkedIn! But for B2B marketing, you want to be here. If you offer a venue for holiday parties and gatherings, or a related service such as catering, flowers or entertainment this is a viable option for you. Here’s an easy quick start action list that you can knock out this week:

Action 1: set up a company page on LinkedIn for your business.

Action 2: add images or video to the profile.

Action 3: connect – reach out to people in local companies and businesses.

Action 4: set up an ad to promote your holiday offerings – chances are you already have a video in your portfolio that will work beautifully. If you don’t, create a slide show with images.

Action 5: promote it.

Action 6: keep your profile up to date. Add updates.

Here’s the WHY: 50% of LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies. Bonus – your wedding target market is the most active segment on this platform. 

Go for it! Dare to do well and thrive. Remember it’s not just one thing that will get you where you want to go. It takes effort on multiple fronts with consistent messaging. The perfect fall storm!