July 2, 2009 Kramer Events

Lighting up the Cliffs Resort Ballroom, Shell Beach CA



The Cliffs Ballroom in Shell Beach is the perfect venue for an incredible wedding.  The ceremony overlooks the Ocean, the ballroom looks amazing, the staff is extremely customer service oriented, and the food is incredible.  We were excited to bring our new Kramer Entertainment LED uplighting, and LED pin pots for Andrea and Wess’s Wedding Reception.  You can see the before picture to the left with only house lights on.

Below you can see what happens when we turn the house lights off and turn our lighting on.  The background LED uplighting you see on the walls can be changed to any color or gently fade between colors.  Imagine stepping onto the dance floor for your special dance and the entire room changes color.

The first things your guest will see are the incredible Flowers, done by Panacea, because there are pin spot lights mounted on the ceiling shooting directly at them.

Thanks to Mike Larson Photography for these pictures.

with Blue Kramer Entertainment Lighting

with Blue Kramer Entertainment Up Lighting

with Kramer Lighting

with Green Kramer Entertainment Up Lighting

with Purple Kramer Entertainment Lighting

with Purple Kramer Entertainment Lighting

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