July 2, 2013 Kramer Events

Host MC / DJ: Nick Shorts

Santa Barbara DJ

Here at Kramer Events, we love our team members! Each one of our team members contributes something unique that not only makes us a well-rounded company but prepared to make your special day truly one-of-a-kind. Today we want to shine the spotlight on Nick Shorts, one of our amazing DJs.

Name: Nick Shorts

Position: Host MC/DJ

Email: Nick@KramerEvents.com

Phone: 805.544.9900 x207

Hometown: Atascadero, Ca.

Favorite Musical Artist: It is basically impossible to nail down one favorite. Here’s 5: Avett Brothers, Avicii, The Beach Boys, Steve Miller Band, and DC Talk.

Hobbies: I do it all. I love music. DJing is a blast and I also like to jam on anything with keys. Piano, accordion, melodica, keyboards… I have not yet played the keytar, but I am looking for one. I am also a fan of the outdoors. Camping, biking, tubing, sailing, and particularly hiking really pique my interest. SLO has some of the best vistas I’ve ever seen and I go climb a mountain whenever I get the chance. One more thing about me is that I obsess over movies. I catalog, I analyze, I predict, and I memorize way too much about film. 

How long have you been with Kramer Events? June 2012

Why did you become a DJ? I have always been that guy who everyone said should be a DJ. I put my iPod on at parties and people generally have a good time. I’ve always thought being a DJ would be awesome and it turns out it is. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and I look forward to making every event I do become a party.

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? I love how Kramer Events has invested itself in the Central Coast community. We love venues, caterers, photographers, and we enjoy maintaining friendships with them. We go out to places for events and people know that we are solid people who do a good job because of our relationships.

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why?  My favorite song to play would probably be “Forever” by Chris Brown. It is always a hit when you put it on halfway through the night and everyone’s mood seems to match up. Any song that talks about lasting love at a wedding is great, but this one seems to hit a groove that everyone picks up on.

What should every bride know before meeting with their wedding DJ? When you meet with me, it would be wise to know exactly what you want your wedding to feel like. I want to understand your vision for your wedding so that I can make it a reality. If it is going to be fun and wild, then I will make it a party. If it is going to be formal and reserved, then I can make it classy. You will probably have so many ideas swimming around in your head for what you want this day to be like, and I want to help your dream wedding become a reality.

What general advice would you give a bride preparing for her wedding? Relax. The marriage is the most important part of the wedding. Not the reception and not even the ceremony. Take care of your fiance and everything else is extra. 

What do you think makes the Central Coast an amazing wedding destination? Who wouldn’t want to get married here? It’s beautiful. For fun, I go outside because it is so nice here. Also, the people are great and the venues are terrific.

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