October 2, 2012 Kramer Events

Host MC / DJ: Bruce Jones


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Meet Bruce Jones, our Operations Manager.  Not only is he a veteran Host MC, his job is to train all of our Host MC’s and DJ’s.   As the Operations Manager, Bruce spends the bulk of his time leading our team making sure they have everything they need to rock our events every week.

Name: Bruce Jones

Position: Operations Manager, Host MC / DJ

Email: Bruce@KramerEvents.com

Phone: 805.544.9900 x203

Hometown: I was born and raised in San Luis Obispo.

Hobbies: Hanging with my son at the park!

Favorite Musical Artist: One Direction. Just kidding, Skillet is my favorite band.

How long have you worked for Kramer Events? Since 2011

How would other team members describe you? Outgoing and always trying to meet someone new.

Why did you become a Host MC/DJ? I thought it would be a fun part time job and a way I could make people smile.

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? The Team! I manage a great group of people that have a true passion for making every event amazing.

Describe your Host MC/DJ style. I love to connect to the guests! I always want to keep an event flowing so guests do not get bored or feel they are waiting on something. When it comes to dancing, my goal is to have guests of all ages leaving the wedding saying “that was the best wedding I have ever been to!” I do not want them to remember the guy that played the music but what music was played and how they danced for two hours straight.

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why? Wobble – V.I.C. I love seeing grandma get out there and learn how to get down!

What should every bride know before meeting with their wedding DJ? The DJ’s at Kramer Events have extensive training in music knowledge and have DJ’d many events. Trusting your MC is crucial when it comes to the flow and energy of an event. I would suggest going into a meeting with a DJ/MC with a open mind. The music they suggest may not be what a bride normally listens to but may be what the DJ has seen make dance floors go crazy time after time.

What general advice would you give a bride preparing for her wedding? Don’t wait until the last minute! The more items you get checked off your list early, such as planning forms, will help relieve stress the week before your wedding. Waiting to long to pick songs and other important items can make you feel rushed when you should be enjoying the days before your wedding.

What do you think makes the Central Coast an amazing wedding destination? Being raised on the central coast, I always knew I lived in a beautiful place. Since working in the wedding industry I have found so many hidden places that I had no idea’s existed. From barns to wineries there is a venue for every persons tastes.

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