December 18, 2012 Kramer Events

Kramer Events Team Member of the Year

Kramer Events Lighting

This year has been an incredible success here at Kramer Events and we couldn’t have done it without our amazing team. In honor of our team’s hard work and dedication we recently threw a holiday party at the beautiful Sycamore Mineral Springs for them and their partners.

To further show our thanks, we decide to hold a vote for the “Kramer Team Member of the Year” in order to select a member of the team we felt went out of their way to uphold our company values and exceed the public’s expectations of event professionals. The member our team chose was none other than the head of our production crew, Zachary Hubbard, and we presented him with a nifty certificate and a brand spankin’ new iPad mini!

Below is a slideshow of some of the other winners of our first annual Kramer Awards and some shots of a very pro-YMCA dance floor. We hope your year and holiday were as amazing as ours was!

Kramer Award Categories and Winners:

Most Talkative: Bruce Jones

Best Hair: Zachary Hubbard

Quietest: Justin Glenn

Biggest “Guns”: Matthew Stewart

Most Fashionable: Chase Welcher

Hardest Party Rocker: Sean Gibilisco

Funniest: Natalie Villalpando

Best Facial Hair: Zachary Hubbard

Cutest Couple: Matthew Stewart and Brian Vaughan

Best Newcomer: Nick Shorts

The Oh Deer Award: Clara Cob, Matthew Stewart, and Brian Vaughan

Team Member of the Year: Zachary Hubbard






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