A couple of weeks back, we had the insane pleasure of touring some of SLO Counties’ best wineries. 

The morning of the event, as our industry professionals excitedly arrived at our office, you could see the excitement building in all their eyes!  Once our guests had all arrived, we piled in our golden carriage. (aka SLO Safe Ride ) and we were met with the camera lens of Platinum Peek Productions.  

With the music blasting and chit chat thriving we arrived at our first winery Tolosa Winery, it was there we were met with gorgeous views and tasty breakfast provided by TVC To Go – Trumpet Vine Catering, a new on the go service for easy planning and amazing treats! 

Tolosa Winery provided us with not only gorgeous views and wonderful service, but delicious wines and a grand tour of the winery grounds. While Platinum Peek Productions made us all feel like movie stars as they followed us around and got our pictures. 

Once we had all purchases our desired wines and goods, we boarded the bus again and danced all the way to Baileyana Winery

Baileyana welcomed us with open arms as we made our way to the bocce ball courts and veranda to sip on some of their chardonnays and pinot noirs. 

TVC To-Go-Trumpet Vine Catering set out an (for lack of a better word) AMAZING lunch full of fresh foods to make one incredible salad bowl! Pictures alone don’t tell you how insanely good this food was. After lunch was finished we were able to sip and enjoy the ambiance that is the Edna Valley.

Speaking of Edna Valley, that was where we were headed next. 

Last on our stop was Edna Valley Vineyard, where we were able to enjoy not only the amazing views but each other’s company as we all sat and slowly tasted the lovely wines offered. 

TVC To-Go -Trumpet Vine Catering left us all with full 

Bellies as they gave us each personalized mini charcuterie bowls to go. It was then time to all load back in SLO SAFE RIDE bus and head back to the Kramer office… not without a dance party of course! 

Thank you all to all participating vendors and wineries, we had a pleasure spending the day with you and look forward to doing it again soon! 

If you are interested in showcasing in our next wine & dine contact Melissa 

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