July 3, 2013 Kramer Events

Kramer Events and Marriage Equality


San Luis Obispo Gay Wedding

We at Kramer Events are proud to say that we support marriage equality. From our inception, we have prided ourselves on serving awesome clients from every creed and background, including gay couples. We could not be more excited to see the commitment ceremonies we have worked over the years be legally recognized by the beautiful state of California.

As an event company with a focus on weddings, we understand the importance of having one’s love recognized not just by your family and friends, but also your government. We could not be more pleased that all our clients can now enjoy that privilege.


We’re also excited to announce Wedding Wire just released their sister site, Gay Weddings, and we are proud to be affiliated with them!


In closing, we’d like to leave you with the words of our owner, Beau Kramer: “I look forward to working with rad clients, whatever their race, age, or type of ice cream they like. If you are a nice person who treats others nicely, we’d like to help make your event awesome.”
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