October 5, 2011 Kramer Events

Kramer Entertainment presents: Central Coast Wedding Marketing Worshop

alan_berg_central_coast_wedding_marketing_workshopAs many of you know, Melissa and I are huge proponents of continuing education.  We fly to several conferences around the country each year to learn how to be a better business and give greater service to our clients.  Unfortunately this conference level content has never been available on the Central Coast.

We wanted to change that!

Kramer Entertainment is bringing nationally recognized wedding marketing speaker, author, and former Vice President of theKnot, Alan Berg from New York to the Central Coast for a one day Wedding Marketing Workshop.  Among other topics, he will share his expertise in website design and marketing materials.  Alan is one of the best speakers in the wedding industry that we’ve ever heard and we are excited to share his expertise with our wedding industry friends and colleagues on the Central Coast.

The workshop is January 2, 2012 at Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles.  The day will start around 9am with coffee and pastries and end around 3pm with lunch provided.  Space is limited to 30 people to allow him more time with each attendee.



Update: We are almost full and will stop taking reservations by December 2nd.  Call Beau to see if there is still space (805) 748-0026


Here are the 3 topics covered:


Bridal shows, what works, what doesn’t
A facilitated discussion of what works and doesn’t work when showcasing to brides at a bridal show.
Time: 1 hour plus Q&A


5 reasons why brides will leave your website in 5 seconds
Is your website “sticky”? Do brides come to it and stay for a while? Or, do they bounce right off of it and move on to your competitors in the blink of an eye? Whether you love your site or hate it, you have to get brides to stick around and take action or you have no chance of getting their business.

In this session you’ll find out what you’re doing right, and wrong, and easy things you can do to improve the conversion of your visitors into customers.

What you’ll learn:

  • What site features are the biggest turn-offs
  • How to gain a better perspective on how your site is doing
  • The number one way to get more brides to contact you
  • Easy things you can do to improve your site, today

Followed by real website evaluations of businesses in attendance… are you brave enough to let everyone see your site?


Collateral Damage – Update your business cards, brochures, mailing pieces and more!
The printed word lives! Yes, even in this digital world we’re all still using printed words and images to communicate with, and market to, our customers. From business cards to brochures, postcards to print ads, the way you present your business says a great deal about who you are to current and potential customers. What’s amazing is now little consistency there is across your marketing materials. I’ve seen different logos, fonts, colors and even names on the collateral materials from the same business. What most of you don’t realize is the “collateral damage” you may be causing with this inconsistent branding and presentation. It confuses your customers and may be costing you business… and you’d probably never know it.

Come to this session and hear:

  • What collateral materials you need
  • What you should mail to a bride, and when
  • How Print advertising is surviving in a digital age
  • How to stand out… in a good way

Time: 1 hour plus Q&A (time permitting)


To reserve your spot please fill out the following form and mail back with the $99 Registration Fee.

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