September 23, 2010 Kramer Events

Kramer Entertainment is now MOBILE-IZED!

Just to name one of the awesome takeaways of the past 4 days we’ve been in Las Vegas for the Wedding MBA conference, was Sonny Ganguli’s (Chief Marketing Officer of WeddingWire) presentation on the importance of mobile compatible information on the internet.With the popularity of iPads and Smartphones increasing exponentially, people want to find your info IMMEDIATELY and now have the technological capabilities to do so. When’s the last time you used your cell phone to check your email, Google a restaurant’s contact info or just plain waste some time browsing Facebook while waiting for your oil to be changed? In fact, our web statistics have shown that a few people out there are reading THIS VERY BLOG POST on their cell phone!The world is on the mobile web… and now, thanks to WeddingWire, SO ARE WE!Check out our newly formatted, mobile compatible, WeddingWire profile page here. (Preferably on your cell phone 😉