August 23, 2015 Kramer Events

KE Switches to “Month-Of” Coordination

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Our coordination services, formally known as “Day-Of” Coordination, is now “Month-Of” Coordination! “Day-Of” Coordination used to refer to a couple that had all of the details worked out but needed a professional to come in on the day of their event to help make everything run smoothly. It’s a term that has been being used more and more in the wedding industry and has lacked the true portrayal of what these wedding coordinators do.

Our amazing Kramer Event Coordinators pride themselves in truly understanding a couple’s wedding vision, which is why they

begin working with each couple a month or more before their wedding date. The realization that our coordinators in fact spend more than one day planning, working on, and executing a wedding, made the decision to change our titles easy. With our “Month-Of” Coordination Services, you still get all of the same benefits of a “Day-Of” Coordinator, but with a clearer understanding of our timelines.

As soon as you book our services, you’ll receive access to online planning forms, wedding information, and endless amounts of time to pick our very knowledgable coordinators and sales assistants heads about your big day. A month out, you’ll meet with your coordinator one on one to discuss timelines and visions for your day. Between the first meeting, and your wedding day, our coordinators will check in with other vendors as well as your venue, handle any problems that may occur, and be in constant contact with you to assure everything goes exactly as planned.

Their last step as your coordinator is to execute a rehearsal, ceremony, and reception to the best of their ability and help create an amazing, love filled, and stress free day for you!


KE Coordination Team 


Photos by Justin Jacobs & Hearts and HorseShoes