November 30, 2013 Kramer Events

Bilingual DJ: Jose Guzman

Kramer Events Host Mc/ DJ Jose Guzman

Meet Jose Guzman our only bilingual Host MCs / DJs.  He’s originally from Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish.  Our team knows him as “Mr. Customer Service.”  Also working at Lido restaurant at Dolphin Bay Resort he is experienced in delivering exceptional customer service.   You’ll never see him sit still at an event, always bobbing his head or moving his feet when the music starts up.  And he’s always looking for ways to help.

En Espanol

Name: Jose Guzman

Position: Host MC


Phone: 805.544.9900 x204

Hometown: Mexicali, B.C.

Favorite Musical Artist: Anything that makes you want to dance

Hobbies: Outdoors and Dancing

How long have you been with Kramer Events? Since Feb 2013

How would other team members describe you? Team members would describe me as professionally polite, motivationally enthusiastic, and a good listener.

Describe your Host MC/DJ style. My style could be described as the chameleon style, I adapt to the given scenario: if I need to be professional, I give you a professionally done event; if I need to be casual, your event will seem as casual as jeans, if you need an event with high energetic dancing, well let’s just say you’ll be seeing me dancing as well (don’t worry I’ll be behind the DJ console, not on the dance floor).

Why did you become a DJ?  I love how music impacts the crowd, from an all out crazy dance floor to a romantic couples dance; also in this job you get to listen to music, while mixing two songs to create an impact on the dance floor, and I get to dance while dropping the beat, no better job than this!

What’s your favorite part about working for Kramer Events? Kramer Events is a company known for its professional and effective team; each individual has the capacity to transform your event into a long lasting experience

What’s your favorite song to hear/play at a wedding and why?  I love the only song that can bring together both the Latino culture and American culture, SUAVEMENTE!

What should every bride know before meeting with their wedding DJ? It’s time to dance! Kramer Events has the capability of making your ideas into realities. We make your event flow fluidly.

What general advice would you give a bride preparing for her wedding?  Get ready to relax and enjoy your wedding, Kramer is in the hooooouuuse!

What do you think makes the Central Coast an amazing wedding destination?  The quantity of wonderful venues, from beaches, to barns, and even beautiful wineries; also Central Coast weather is unbeatable

See Jose in action HERE!

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