June 15, 2010 Kramer Events

Historic Beauty – Paso Robles Inn Ballroom

Central Coast wedding reception venueThe right team can turn old fashioned elegance into timeless beauty. This point was proven when we got the chance to work with the ever-so-talented Mark Padgett on a photo shoot for the Paso Robles Inn. Originally constructed in 1864, this landmark has seen it’s fair share of affluence and celebrities as well as disaster dealt by the hand of mother-nature via fire and earthquakes. Nonetheless, the Inn has been able to maintain it’s seat on the Central Coast as the historic center of Paso Robles and has the beauty to make a lasting impression.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueThe ballroom is jam-packed with craftsmanship. Beautiful high ceilings surrounded in fantastic, deep wood moulding. This venue can lend itself to any couple looking to leave an impression on their guests. Especially those with larger guests lists.Mark Padgett and Corinne from panacea event floral design really showed their skills when designing the color palette and arrangements to showcase the ballroom. The soft yellows, brushed silvers and lively centerpieces adorned expansive room making it feel warm and comfortable.We lit the room from wall to wall using our advanced, yet low-profile LED fixtures to give the room an essence of candlelight. The deep wood coloring and the shadows created by the artisan carpentry really set this room apart from other ballrooms. It’s always awesome when we can light an entire room using only our decor lighting. None of the house lights were used during this event.A huge thanks to Jake at Mike Larson Photography for his talents behind the lens. His ability to capture light astounds me. Thanks for making this shoot such a success.It was a special pleasure working with Jan, Special Event’s Coordinator at The Paso Robles Inn. Her professionalism and positivity helped us understand the beauty of working hotel. Not just in architecture, but within the staff that keeps this landmarks guests moving through the Central Coast with smiles.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueCentral Coast Wedding Reception VenueYou can really see how the focused pin-spot down lighting made the beautiful centerpieces and table settings shine.Central Coast Wedding Reception VenueRead more about this photo shoot here:http://markpadgetteventdesign.blogspot.com/2010/05/phoenix-rising.htmlhttp://panaceaflowers.com/blog/2010/05/17/design-tid-bit-paso-robles-inn/