July 8, 2010 Kramer Events

Here Comes the …. Guide?

here comes the guide

Wow. I knew the wedding saavy crew at Here Comes The Guide.com was good, but after an in-depth look at their website, we’ll have to upgrade them to GREAT!

When it comes to an in-depth resource for all things wedding, they know where to point you. Although expanding to new areas like Chicago and DC, their real bread and butter (or wine and cheese?) is California. And not just the Central Coast. They’ve got the squeeze on trusted professionals in the Northern and Southern ends of the left-coast state.If you’re looking for help such as finding a quality place to tie the knot, a gown to dress the part, a ring to seal the deal or a bridal fair for all of the above, the clear, concise organization of Here Comes The Guide.com will likely point you in the right direction. Even advice on how to pull off weddings on a budget or going green when wearing white is something these gals are happy to help with. Don’t forget to check out our Special Offer!Check ’em out. Chances are, you’ll learn something cool!