October 26, 2010 Kramer Events

From Miss To Mrs.

“You’ve tossed the bouquet, now change your name the easy way!”


Miss Now Mrs.


As we wrap up the end of a great wedding season, we understand that there’s still a few things on the list that our brides need to do before really settling down into married life. One of those is the much anticipated name change.

Whether hyphenated, taking his full name, or something in the middle, there’s a lot of agencies that will need the new information about the newly married you. With each agency comes a stack of papers a mile high, all asking for the same information from you. Sounds like a total dread, right? Luckily, the Kramer Events Team has done their research and has found one of the top services to take the hassle out of this exciting transition!


MissNowMrs.com is a name change service provider that securely surveys you for your information and then automatically fills out all of the required forms for you! They know exactly what to ask, and they ensure that your information is correct, and the same, on each form filled out! They have taken into account all of the agencies that require a change of name form including Social Security, IRS, US Postal Service, DMV, Voter Registration, Bank Notification Letter and many more!


Save the headaches for later, and check out MissNowMrs.com!


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