July 7, 2009 Kramer Events

Events Ordinance threatens to shut down weddings

The San Luis Obispo County supervisors is considering passing a proposal that would limit Wedding Receptions to 50 guests or less when held at an “Ag-Zoned” property.  With the average Central Coast Wedding having a guest count of 125, passing of this proposal would realistically eliminate about 95% of the weddings on these properties.

Some of the most beautiful rustic properties and barns would no longer be available for our brides to have their dream weddings at.  Our brides lose, the property owners lose, the wedding industry loses, the county loses millions in tourism dollars from out of town guests, and our local government loses sale tax dollars.  Help us stop this devastating ordinance put together by a few wealthy landowners who had a few isolated problems with one venue.

-Join us at the CCWP booth every Thursday evening at the San Luis Farmer’s market, sign our petition, and help spread the word.

-Join us and the hundreds of outraged people who will be storming the July 30th Planning Commission meeting at 9am.  CCWP will be distributing their red shirts at the door for us all to wear.

Visit the Coalition of Affected business owners here for more information.

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