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Elegant Image Limousine Service



Elegant Image Limousine Service has been serving Brides, Grooms (and more!) since 1998. They are the Limousine experts on the Central Coast!  With a fleet of 14 vehicles of every shape and size including Lincolns, Chrysler 300s, Hummers, SUV Limos and Limo Buses, they can meet the needs of any group – for any occasion.

On your Wedding Day, rest assured your limo reservation with Elegant Image Limousine service will be one thing you do not have to worry about. With Elegant Image, you can be sure your Executive Chauffeur and Limousine will be punctual, beautiful, and very professional. All Limo Rentals include local Champagne, and a mini bar, as well as plenty of water. For those who would prefer no alcohol in the Limo, we can replace the Champagne with Sparkling Cider and remove the liquor from the bar!

Looking for something to do for a fun and unique Bachelorette Party? Wine Tours are a blast! With all of their wine tours, Elegant Image includes a deli tray (turkey, ham, roast beef, sourdough bread, etc) and the Chauffeur will set you up a picnic lunch at one of the wineries. An Elegant Image Wine Tour is also a brilliant idea for family that you need to keep busy while in town – or friends looking for fun options while they are visiting the central coast.



Here’s a few frequently asked questions:

We just need a Limo to pick up the Bride and Groom after the reception and bring them to their hotel. What can I do with the Limo for the 3 or 4 hour minimum service?

We do not charge for any mileage, fuel or travel – strictly hours. So, the Limo can go back and forth and around the county however many times you need it to!  We suggest the Limousine arrive a couple hours before the Bride and Groom will want to leave, and offer service to other people.  For example, there is a good chance that Grandma and Grandpa do not want to drive themselves home late at night, but mom and dad (who drove them there) want to stay until the end of the reception. The Limo can take them home! Best man had a little too much to drink? We can take him back to his hotel! You get the picture.

We booked the Limo to take us to the Ceremony, then to the reception – and have it wait to take people home throughout the night.  Does the Limo just sit there and wait?

YES.  The Limousines do not leave the site unless to get fuel – and certainly not without your permission.  Elegant Image offers full service. The Limo is there for whatever you need it for. Did you run out of ice at the reception? We can go get it for you. Did the Bride forget a change of shoes? We can get that for you. We are there for whatever you need us for. Full service.

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